"Making of Jalaniel"

Setting up the main character

Scene setup

The first thing to do in every Poser scene, and which is the most tedious part to do... is setting up the scene.

First thoughts about which figure to use, which clothing item, hair, etc, preceed the actual process. In this case, I chose Laura in combination with the MFD for Victoria 3 (lots of tweaking neccessary to make that thing fit to Laura) and Kozaburo's Messy Hair. As a base for my Engel, I added the Ring Belt and the flamesword. The last part was the Ultimate Wings, because they slow down a scene when they are added and can be positioned without much fiddling to a zero-posed figure.
Only after I completely morphed and outfitted the figure, I posed her, arranged the wings (those beasties nearly took as long to pose and twist as Laura herself) and parented all neccessary props to the Laura-Figure. I.e. wings, sword belt, sword itself, and so on. It is always a good idea to parent all neccessary objects to the main figure if you are not completely sure they will stay on her or him when you start to move/ pose it.

After the first part is finished, I usually proceed from the bones to the flesh - from the main core figure to the surroundings of the complete scene.

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