Eye of Conscience - solokuenstler

Eye of Conscience - solokuenstler - Wereowl (Kim)

Aufnahmedatum : Mi 20 Jun 2007 23:18:10 CEST
Beschreibung : Kommentar von Kim:
Wieder mal Rico, und dieses Mal etwas bleicher als gewohnt.
Da ich faul bin, hänge ich hier einfach meine Zusammenfassung der Geschichte hinter dem Bild aus der Rendero-Gallerie an:

"The eagle (named Kalla) was sent to keep a watchful eye on the white-haired guy who ever so recently acquired his new hair color and skin tone. Formerly dark-tanned and black-haired, he now explores life as a bleached somewhat. Let's call it a payback for certain actions during the last few weeks. He's one of three persons to go through this change of exterior.

Of course, Kalla is a bit p****d about her new assignment. She's not an animal as it might appear, but some sort of guardian spirit who committed a major Oopsie in the past. Her superior decided the babysitting is the perfect chance to settle certain debts - so here we go..."

Gerendert in Daz|Studio, wochenlang vergessen und viel, viel später nachbearbeitet.

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